Measure Twice; Cut Once


Taking accurate measurements is the first step to ordering your shades. Please see our Measuring Guidelines to help you get the look you want and if you need any help just contact us.

Measuring Recommendations:

Inside Mount: Shades are mounted inside your window recess. Inside Mount is often preferred because it provides a finished look without covering the window molding.

1. Measure Width: Measure Width at top, middle and bottom (Use the most narrow measurement for your order)

2. Measure Height:  Measure Height of Left Side, Middle & Right Side (Use longest measurement)

*Note: Do not make adjustments to measurements.  Your shades will be made slightly smaller than the size you specify to insure proper fit.

Outside Mount:  Shades are mounted on wall above window.  Outside Mount is used if window frame is not deep enough for shade to fit within.

1. Measure Width:  As desired.

2. Measure Length: From Top of Moulding to Sill or Longer as desired.

*Note:  When you specify Outside Mount we do not take any size deductions.  Your shades will be made to the exact size you specify.

Helpful Hints:

Use a steel measuring tape for most accurate measurements

Take exact measurements.  Please call our Client Service Department if you require assistance.

Clearly indicate which measurement is the Width and which is the Height.

Length measurements may vary from left to right therefore shades may exhibit some twist. 

Bamboo shades will exhibit some irregularities such as split slats, knots, etc.

Windows that appear to be identical are often slightly different sizes.  Make sure you measure each window and specify on order.

If your window is minimally out of Square it probably won’t be noticeable.  If your window is largely out of square you may want to consider ordering Outside Mount to hide the imperfection.

If your situation is unique or difficult to measure please call Client Service for assistance.

For protruding Outside Mounts we offer Side Returns to hide the edges of the exposed headrail.

We make custom shades for a variety of window and door types not mentioned on our website.  Please contact our Design Team for ideas and suggestions.

What if I measure incorrectly?

We will work with you to find the best solution. Your window treatment may qualify for a free cutdown. If it cannot be re-sized we will replace the product in the right size and give you a 50% discount. (offer valid for 15 days after your installation).

What if my shade breaks?

All of our products are constructed from the finest materials and components available. Under normal use, your window treatment should operate hassle-free for many years. In the unlikely event that your window treatment stops working properly, just give us a call and we'll help you get it fixed.



Installation - Basswood Porch Shades

Installing your new shades is not a difficult task. With a few simple tools your news shades will be hanging in no time and ready for years of functional and beautiful use. Please refer to our installation instructions for indoor or outdoor porch shades.

- Open one end of the box and slide out the shade (you can save the box for offseason storage)

- Unwrap the operating cord, Set aside wind cord , Set aside hardware pack

- Lift the rolled up shade to the opening where it will be hung and mark where the screw hooks should go OR Measure in to the bracket to locate where screw hooks should be placed leaving ¼ to ½ inch on each edge of opening 

- Take the screw hooks from the hardware pack and screw in where marked or measured on wall / ceiling / window opening 

- Hang the shade on the hooks and roll down about 2 feet 

Installing the wind cord

- Screw the ‘closed screw eyes’ into the floor or wall straight below the hooks the shade hangs on

- Tie one end of the wind cord to the closed screw eye at floor

- Take the wind cord up the back of the shade and though the keyhole at the top (if your porch is screened see step 6)

- Put the other end of the wind cord through 1 hole into the cord tightener

- The end of the wind cord then goes through the closed screw eye in the floor then back up and through the other hole in the cord tightener

- With the cord tightener about 8-12 inches off the floor tie a knot in the wind cord just above the wind cord tightener.

- Cut off the excess wind cord above the knot and use the remaining wind cord for the other side of the shade, repeating the same process detailed above in step 4 

When both wind cords have been installed, lift the cord tighteners to snug the wind cord.

- A screened porch will typically not need wind cord behind the shade. The screen will stop the shade from blowing outward

- Tie one end of the wind cord to the top hook and repeat steps 4 & 5

- To roll the shade down pull the operating cord straight down to release the cord lock 

- As you roll the shade up, place the end of the operating cord on the shade and roll it up inside the shade or use cord cleats to wind up cord

- To engage the cord lock and hold the shade at desired height swing operating cord toward center of shade

Installation - Indoor Basswood and Woven Wood shades

Screws and universal type brackets are provided that will handle inside, outside, or overhead the window frame installations.  

• Screw the brackets to wall or window frame with the double prong at the top

• Slide the headrail of the shade into the bracket guiding the single prong between the slats and yarn (if necessary shift but do not cut weaving yarn)

• Once shade is in place screw bracket to shade from the bottom prong 


• Pull the cord straight down to lift the shade

• Move the cord toward the center of the shade to lock the shade at desired heigh

• Move the cords to the outside to unlock and let the shade down

• Avoid dragging the cord across the cord lock to ensure cord does not fray

Care and Cleaning (For the Outdoor shades)

With reasonable care Basswood Shades will retain their attractive and functional integrity for years

Shades should be rolled up during strong winds to reduce the risk of damage to the shade

Your shades should NOT be rolled up when wet. Although mildew inhibiters are used in our paints and stains rolling when wet can cause mildewing

Your shade may need to be scrubbed periodically with a soft brush. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry before rehanging. Your local paint store can suggest a solution to remove dirt or mildew

After washing, re-staining or repainting may be desirable. Original factory applied stains and paints are available direct from Columbia Porch Shade Co. or through the dealer where you purchased your shade 

Replace wind and operating cords as needed

When hung indoors, replacement and repainting are necessary at less frequent intervals

**Note: Stain colors vary due to variances in the porosity and color of the wood at the time of manufacture.  Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may cause a lightening of color. Wood or paint odors may be noticeable but are generally temporary.


Child Safety

Child Safety: Use Logo, add link to WCMA, Retrofit Kit

Important - Please Read recommendations from The Window Coverings Safety Council

The US Consumer Products Safety Commission has determined that the cord on cord operated rollup and roman blinds and shades may present a strangulation hazard to infants and small children. Enjoy your Columbia Porch Shade and be careful to keep loose cords safely away from infants and small children.  All shades are delivered with appropriate safety and warning labels, an example is shown below. It is important for parents to understand these risks and operate the shades accordingly.

The window coverings industry uses warning tags, labels, and other methods to communicate the potential hazards of corded window coverings. The warning shown below, for example, communicates the important message about cords being a potential strangulation hazard and suggests choosing cordless or inaccessible-cord alternatives. For any shade manufactured prior to March 28, 2011 you can order a FREE Child Safety Retrofit kit from the Window Coverings Safety CouncilFor more info and repair kits for other window covering products, visit the Window Covering Safety Council website. or call 800-506-4636 to order.

Tips to Make Your Windows Safer for Kids

1. Ensure that all shade cords are out of sight and reach and remain inaccessible to children. 

2. Move cribs, beds, furniture and toys away from windows and window cords.

3.  Homeowner must check to make sure the window shades are in proper working order.

Alternative Options: For enhanced safety The Columbia Shade Company offers our basswood woven wood situated vertically as Sliding Basswood doors in all paints and stains.


How to Retrofit?  See  Replace corded shades manufactured 

Install only cordless window coverings in homes with young children. Parents and caregivers should replace older corded window coverings with today’s safer products. However, if you prefer to keep your older window treatments, the following instructions will help you retrofit them. ELIMINATE LOOPED PULL CORDS (pre-1995 miniblinds and pleated shades)

1. Cut the looped pull cord above the tassel, and remove equalizer buckle (if any).

2. Insert cord through tassel and tie cord ends to secure the tassel.

INSTALL CORD STOPS (all pre-2001 horizontal blinds and corded shades)

1. Lower the blind to its proper length and lock cords into position at head rail.For each pull cord:

2. Pinch together a portion of the pull cord to create a loop near the head rail, then slide the cord stop over the loop end.

3. Slip the free end of the pull cord through the loop to loosely knot the cord stop onto the pull cord.

4. Tighten the knot to secure the cord stop one to two inches below the head rail to limit movement of inner lift cords.